Culinary Water



The Hyrum City Water Department manages and is responsible for three culinary reservoirs with a total culinary water storage capacity of 2.3 million gallons; 79 miles of culinary water line; 2,211 water service connections; three culinary wells and four culinary springs.

Services provided by the Hyrum City Water Department include but are not limited to: water treatment, watershed control, sanitary conditions in the distribution system, utility location, water leak detection,  24-hour on call stand-by personnel, water quality testing, water meter setting, water line inspections, culinary water hardness information for residents installing water conditioners or water softeners, and water pressure testing.

CONSUMER CONFIDENCE REPORTS: Hyrum City is pleased to provide you with its Annual Water Quality Report.  We want to keep you informed about the excellent water and services we have delivered to you.
2013 Culinary Water Quality Report
2012 Culinary Water Quality Report
DRINKING WATER SOURCE PROTECTION PLAN: Hyrum City has a Drinking Water Source Protection Ordinance that provides more information such as potential sources of contamination and our source protection areas.  Our source is in a remote location, and there are no potential contamination sources in the protection zones, so we consider our source to have a low susceptibility to potential contamination events.
CROSS CONNECTIONS AND CONTROL OF BACK FLOW: If you’re thinking of installing an irrigation system for your home landscaping, take steps to prevent your irrigation system from contaminating the water you drink.  Hyrum City has a Cross Connection Ordinance in place which helps protect our customers from potentially harmful cross connections. Part of our Cross Connection Control program is public awareness. Our hope is that by reading this “Tips to Protect Your Drinking Water”, you, our valued customer will become educated and aware of illegal cross connections along with their adverse health effects.
Hyrum City’s Backflow and Cross Connection Ordinance will provide you with more information on backflow prevention and approved devices to prevent backflow.
WATER CONSERVATION: Water is vital for the functioning of our homes, businesses, and community. If you save water, you save money, energy, and help save the environment. Please visit our “Water Wise” page for more information on how to use water wisely.
Corey Nielsen
Water Superintendent
Office: 435-245-6033
Fax: 435-245-4807

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