Hyrum City Public Works Department

 Snow Removal Policy


Snow removal from driveway and sidewalks

Section 12.04.010 of the Hyrum City Code requires property owners or occupants to remove snow from sidewalks abutting their properties within a “reasonable time” after the snow stops falling—the code stipulates 9 a.m. for snow accumulating during the night.  This is especially critical for sidewalks used by school children and other pedestrians.

Section 10.20.095 prohibits the practice of depositing, blowing, or pushing snow removed from parking lots, driveways, or sidewalks onto the roadway.  This includes pushing it across roadways to neighboring park strips, borrow pits, or vacant properties in such a manner as to leave a residue or otherwise increase the amount of snow on the roadway.

We ask that you place the snow on your side of the property line behind the sidewalks, allowing us to push the snow from the roads onto the park strips or borrow pits.

Priorities for snow removal

Snow removal priority is based upon the amount of traffic and the number of homes, businesses, and schools serviced by a particular road. Please keeping mind that the length and intensity of the storm influences plow routes and frequency of plowing.  Major storms require us to remain on primary roadways until the storm subsides.

Vehicles and garbage cans in the road

Section 10.20.090 prohibits parking within 10 feet of roadway pavement between November 1 and April 1 between midnight and 8 a.m.  This is to reduce the risk of damage to motor vehicles and snowplows alike.  Owners and operators of vehicles in violation are subject to citation whether or not snow is in the forecast.

We also ask that you put your garbage and recycle cans out the morning of collection day and remove them as soon as possible following collection.  These containers do not need to be placed on the asphalt portion of the roadway but rather set back several feet from the asphalt to reduce chances of damage by plows and flying snow.

Be aware of our equipment

A loaded snow plow weighs as much as 14 tons.  The drivers need room to stop, especially while plowing.  Even if you have the right-of-way, let the plow come to a stop before pulling out in front of it.

We also ask that you remain more than 50 feet away from the plows so your vehicle is not damaged by flying snow or ice removal materials.

Please do not allow your children to play near the street while snow plows are out.  Also do not allow them to build snow forts near the street because a snow plow may cause the fort to collapse.  Drivers will report children playing too close to the roadway.


Thank you for your cooperation.