Thank you to those who submitted photos for Hyrum City’s Photo of the Month Contest for August.

HYRUM CITY’S AUGUST PHOTO CONTEST WINNER –  Shauna Butler photo of a Picnic Day with a Moose.

MAYOR’S CHOICE AUGUST PHOTO CONTEST WINNER – Rod Boam for the photograph of a Farmer Cutting Alfalfa.

These winning photos are displayed on Facebook.  We encourage and ask you to continue submitting photos.  All photos submitted will be displayed through a continuous slideshow on a screen at the City Office Building. 

Again thank you for taking part in Hyrum City’s Photo of the Month Contest.



We need your photos representing September’s and October’s activities and scenic views.  Photo ideas for September – Camping/Hiking in Blacksmith Fork Canyon, horse ride, an elk, deer or moose, fox in the river bottoms, etc.  Photo ideas for October – fall leaves, deer/elk in meadow, pheasants, Halloween/Fall activities – Please enter your September photo in Hyrum City’s Photo Contest by October 1 or October’s photos by November 5 by emailing them to

A winner will be selected monthly and his/her photo will be displayed on the City’s wall.  The winner will receive a $25.00 credit towards their utility bill.  Please submit an original high resolution photos with a minimum of 5,400 x 7,200 pixels (preferably 7,200 x 10,800 pixels).