Thank you to those who submitted photos for Hyrum City’s Photo of the Month Contest for August.

HYRUM CITY’S SEPTEMBER PHOTO CONTEST WINNER – Tom Bunn photo of farm land in the fall.

MAYOR’S CHOICE SEPTEMBER PHOTO CONTEST WINNER – Traci Mayers for the photograph of a fish in the river.

These winning photos are displayed on Facebook.  We encourage and ask you to continue submitting photos.  All photos submitted will be displayed through a continuous slideshow on a screen at the City Office Building. 

Again thank you for taking part in Hyrum City’s Photo of the Month Contest.


We need your photos representing October and November activities and scenic views.  Photo ideas for October – apples trees, fall leaves, deer/elk in meadow, pheasants, Halloween/Fall activities.  Photo ideas for November – first snow on mountains, frost on fences, wild turkeys, kids jumping in leaf pile, etc. – Please enter your October photo in Hyrum City’s Photo Contest by November 5 or November’s photos by December 3 by emailing them to

Every month Hyrum City will ask for photos to be submitted from things that have taken place during that month.

A winner will be selected monthly and his/her photo will be displayed on the City’s wall. The winner will receive a $25.00 credit towards their utility bill or a $25 gift card. We are excited to see your photos you can submit them to Hyrum City Original photo resolution should be a minimum of 16 megapixel, but you can submit in a smaller resolution if necessary.  Please no small resolution cell phone pictures since the quality of the picture enlarged is not great.