What an incredibly beautiful place we live in and the 23” of fresh white powdery snow provides plenty of scenic photograph opportunities.  Hyrum City is looking to decorate its City Office building with photos submitted by its residents of activities, events, and scenic photos of Hyrum City.  For example this month’s photo could be a snowman, kids having a snowball fight, mountains, lakes, animals, snow falling, close up of a snowflake, etc. Every month Hyrum City will ask for photos to be submitted from things that have taken place during that month.  Please submit the photos for January by February 5.

A winner will be selected monthly and his/her photo will be displayed on the City’s wall.  The winner will receive a $25.00 credit towards their utility bill.  We are excited to see your photos you can submit them to Hyrum City sfricke@hyrumcity.com.  Please submit an original high resolution photos with a minimum of 5,400 x 7,200 pixels (preferably 7,200 x 10,800 pixels).