Bail schedule

The uniform bail schedule is set by State Law (May 14, 2014):

0-10   $120.00
11-15 $150.00
16-20 $200.00
21-25 $270.00
26-30 $370.00
31 over $470.00 + $10.00 for each mile over and mandatory appearance
Speed in the school zone: mandatory appearance
Failure to yield to pedestrian in cross walk $120.00
Stop Sign $120.00
Following to close $120.00*
Seatbelt $45.00
Improper turn, backing, lane travel $120.00*
*Additional $30.00 if accident involved
Driver License violations:
Not on person-dism upon proof of current driver license
Denied $60.00
Expired $50.00
Suspended/revoked/never obtained-mandatory appearance
Failure to change address with Driver license $50.00
Registration violations:
Not in Vehicle-dismissed upon proof of current registration
Expired $50.00 ($10.00 suspended upon proof of current registration)
Revoked 41-1a-603 $90.00
Registration 41-1a-704 $50.00
Dismissed with faxed letter from insurance company for date of violation and vehicle in question
No insurance at time of citation-mandatory appearance
Class B Misdemeanors- mandatory appearance
Contact the court with any further questions 435-245-0114 weekdays 1:00pm – 5:00pm
Animal Control violations:
Effective Sept. 19, 2007
At large
1st offense $40
2nd offense $80
3rd offense $120
4th and all subsequent offenses per household $160
Unregistered $80 ($30 suspensded upon proof of Registration)
Mandatory appearances-More than 2 dogs, dog bite, chasing, excessive barking
The Court accepts cash, checks, Visa and Mastercard (payments over the phone additional $4 service fee)