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Salt Hollow Park

We are please to announce the construction of a new park at 350 West 100 North in Hyrum.  The unique thing about this park is that we are going to construct it with volunteer labor. By doing this we are going to be able to stretch the budget dollars while creating a place of pride and ownership in one of more scenic places in the City. We look forward to  this park being a gathering place for families and groups. It will have several fun areas:

  • Splash Pad for summer fun
  • Sledding Hill for the winter.
  • Bowery
  • Playground
  • Rest Rooms
  • Picnic areas
  • Disc (Frisbee) Golf
  • Water Feature
  • Trails throughout the park

Gerald Miller has graciously volunteered to head the project through its completion. We are now scheduling volunteers please call Gerald at 435-245-6937 for information or contact any of the city staff or elected officials.

Salt Hollow Park Planting Plan

Salt Hollow Park Grading Plan

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